The use of ONTOLOGICAL KINESIOLOGY enables the practitioner to "dialogue" with the client at the deepest levels of the subconscious to determine not only the precise nature of the dysfunction, but also what they need to resolve the aberrant state.

This revolutionary method (developed by Solihin Thom DO, DAc) pays tribute to the innate wisdom of the being, allowing the practitioner to step away from the role of the "healer" into that of companion or facilitator of the clients own process.

ONTOLOGICAL KINESIOLOGY uses mudras (a type of sign language) to read the story of the disorganized system. It charts inherited patterns, stored and constructed memories, environmental nuances, emotional or sensory experiences, habitual and instinctual behaviors, human beliefs as well as higher models of thought and understanding.

We are able to to find the root cause that makes a particular life force, prana (material), qi (vegetal), shamanic (animal) or human become dominant and disorganize the system.

This work allows us to find the story and hold this as a shape when palpating. Instead of manipulating or finding a still point we instead hold the body and its story.

The system changes by itself, as we become conscious and hold, or just be with what is ,  without force , the various accidents or shapes that manifests through the structures of the body. The person changes because they have a companion who holds them in their story without judgement. They change because they are supported by a conscious and cognitive awareness of their original dysfunction, presenting both a human choice to change and a feeling within to do so.

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