Currently residing in Ireland, Syna has worked professionally in the field of Complementary and Natural Holistic Medicine for over 25 years.

Whilst studying Cranial Fluid Dynamics with Solihin Thom Do, Dac. in Portland Oregon, she worked concurrently in a Montessori school specializing in early childhood development. These experiences gave her hands on insight into how individuals  develop according to the environment provided, attain self awareness  thru nature/nurture, the role of education , ecology and family dynamics that shape a person on their journey towards personal actualized potential.

After a year in Indonesia, where she taught English as a second language to primary school children, she resumed studying with Solihin Thom.
Becoming a Master Practitioner of InnerDialouge, Cranial Fluid Dynamic and Facilitator of Being Human Constellations has widened her understanding and experience as a therapist and as a person. Becoming more of a companion to each individual, family and group, she encounters as we journey separately and together along the varied path of life.

Through the use of Cranial Fluid Dynamics, Ontological Kinsieology, Qi Modality Allergy Protocol and BeingHuman in her practice, she facilitates adults, children, family and group dynamics towards inner self realization and outer physical resolution while respecting each individuals spiritual journey. In addition to supporting the developmental process in infants and children, Syna is highly skilled and experienced in supporting individuals coping with Trauma, PTSD, Pre and Post Surgical Intervention, Change of Life Circumstance, Matters of the Heart etc. A session or series of sessions could also be based around a theme or a personal goal.

She currently teaches Introduction to Cranial Fluid Dynamics

Syna is now available for online sessions. Contact her at 00353 85 787 2284 or email synahorton@gmail.com to inquire and have any questions answered.

Her professional experience has branched in to the community development sector where she has lectured community groups on the benefits of Natural Medicine  and Personal Development. She has also spoken on the benefits of Cranial Fluid Dynamics in current healthcare to political leaders.

In the Provence region of France, Syna is well-known for her lectures and treatments, available throughout the year for sessions.

In Austria, she collaborates with Faustina Ramos to facilitate Being Human Constellation workshops for staff and parents of the  Montessori School  that Faustina  founded where Faustina continues to teach and coordinate the staff, student body and family community. The premise of the workshops are to utilize Being Human Constellations to support teachers and parents with their own personal development, so they are more aware of the real inner and outer needs of the students, themselves, the school and the community.

Call : +353 (0) 85 787 2284  Email : synahorton@gmail.com

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